I have been teaching guitar for 26 years, in public and state schools in Italy and in the UK.

I have been teaching Jazz guitar 1, 2 and 3 at the City Lit College for 9 years, and guitar in several secondary Schools in London, and the teaching experience in London has given me a real flavor of what teaching in a multicultural society means, as well as the challenges that you may face as a teacher when educating students coming from various backgrounds.

My main target is to motivate the students through a shared experience and, more importantly, to encourage them to work together as a group.

I pay special attention in helping them to overcome their main difficulties (such as the hardship which might prevent them from getting satisfactorily results required to get results) especially during the early stages of their learning.


Throughout the years, I have developed a system of tutoring based on simple rhythmic exercises, guiding the students to discover, by themselves, the main principles of rhythm.

The lessons are held in my Studio, 30 seconds from Camden Town Tube Station


I have also produced some educational material, manuals in modern harmony and daily exercises for plectrum guitar.

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