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Mirror Labyrinth by Galleass

a project by Antonio Marzinotto.

I would like to introduce to you my new project. This music is very special to me because it represents my musical development over the 13 years since I came to London. Some of the tunes are actually 13 years old, and I decided to include them on the album to contrast them with my more recent compositions. I try to think like a painter in my latest tunes, trying to express through music the life we lead. For example, in the tune“Traffic in Mystery Land” I tried to give the impression of a crowded street, whilst in “Mirror Labyrinth” I tried to express the feeling of a person in a hall of mirrors. The choice of musicians is based on their unique way to approach music: Alex Hutton on Piano, Eric Ford on drums and Miles Danso on Dbass. All of them come from Jazz, but they are all very open minded and interested in different ways to express themselves. I hope you enjoy our effort to give you something original, and to the extent that it is possible nowadays, unique.

Mirror Labyrinth

CD Review by Jeanie Barton

"... Antonio clearly knows the magic ingredient to jazz is space. He does not crowd the changes and all musicians instinctively complement each other with individual yet well-matched lyrical styles..."

Mirror Labyrinth

CD Review by Nick Lea

"...What Marzinotto does do is write interesting, both melodically and rhythmically, compositions that allow the music to breathe with a natural ease. The melodies evolve telling a story from which the solos are integral part of the overall structure, and the result is that as a listener your are carried along with the narrative rather than just hearing a theme followed by solos, and then waiting for the return of the original theme to signal the end of the tune...."

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